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The Importance of Ginger in Khambu Rituals

Written by Pradeep Rai
November 26, 2019

As Sumnima and Paruhang are considered the creators of the world, Ginger is considered a manifestation of their hands. For the Khambu Rai people, Ginger is sacred. Learned Mangpas use ginger before they start predicting anyone’s future. In order to do this, the process of “Kachur” is important. Mangpas hold the ginger in their left hand and with a small sickle they slice the ginger in a quick motion. When the ginger hits the floor, it is either faced down or upward. If the ginger is facing downward it is considered a symbol of Paruhang or + (Positive Sign).

The Mangpa then slices another portion of the Ginger and this time if the slice is facing upwards (i.e the raw open part faces the sky), it is considered a symbol of Sumnima or –(Minus Sign). When this happens, the future is considered good, profitable or prosperous. But if in case both the times, the ginger slice faces downward or + + (plus plus) sign is created, the future is not considered favorable. Or if its – – (minus minus) both the times, the future is still bleak and not good. Only when there is a combination of Positive and Negative signs, that the floor becomes a medium of “Earthing”and the future looks favorable.

Since Sumnima and Paruhang are considered creators of the world, their union, through Ginger is considered important. Fruitful results can be achieved with a combination of both the Positive and Negative signs together. This is as important as Mathematical Probability or the Chinese Yin and Yang. This is also as important as the combination of the Blade (Male) and Chalice (Female) in Pagan Cultures of the West.

Pradeep Rai

Pradeep Rai is a writer and researcher studying the ethnic culture and history of the Himalayan Tribes.

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