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Any opinion that looks at addressing conflict within a society is more effective when a range of perspectives—which represent the truth, must be heard. It is imperative to foster a societal culture of tolerance, respect, and understanding.

सायाबुङ : आधुनिक संसारको परिप्रेक्षमा

राईहरुले टाउकोमा बेरेर लगाईने फेटा जस्तो परिहनलाई सायाबुङ भनिन्छ । सायाबुङलाई खस नेपालीमा रुपान्तर गर्दा “शिरको फुल” भन्ने अर्थ लाग्छ (बान्तावामा) । राईहरुले सायाबुङलाई छेन्छोक्ली (हिमाल टाकुरा)

Yalambar in the Mahabharata: History vs. Literature

Yalambar in the Mahabharata? I fail to understand why the Kirati Khambus place so much importance on the Mahabharata. Mahabharata, the Indian epic, is literature while the…

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